Automated Design and Control is a worldwide, full-service engineering services company with experience and a proven record of success in a wide variety of industries.

We work to understand your specific control and automation issues as well as work with your team to access the best automation solutions. We are dedicated to three important principles to guide us to our common goals:

  • Vision

  • Values

  • Mission

Automated Design & Control is an independent Systems Integrator. Our professional engineers design and develop with your company’s bottom line in mind. We use our expertise and objectivity to define and present an unbiased analysis of your current and future system needs. This allows us to look at your total picture to determine your best solutions. We then design cost-affordable systems utilizing all the latest proven technologies and mechanisms.
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AD&C features a team approach which promotes close working relationships and affords us flexibility to be involved to any degree needed. From initial engineering specification development to the turn-key design and implementation of plant-wide control systems, we lead you into top automation solutions. Our staff brings over 80 years of combined experience in automation design and control to provide you with ongoing support.