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Material Handling

Automated Design & Control LLC is dedicated to delivering expert line solutions in hardware and software that reduce your cost and time of getting product from point A to point B. We work very closely with management and end users to make sure that we get high efficiency within the workflow and that the processing is done right the first time.

Our material handling equipment, such as bucket conveyors, overhead power, free systems, and more is used around the world by well known companies. Companies that use our equipment have peace of mind and can trust that down time is at a minimal, insuring that product can be produced and out the door on time. Automated Design & Control utilizes system diagnostics, proven recovery methods, plant information and tracking systems that increase the efficiency of the overall systems operation which is why companies continue to trust us.

Automated Design & Control can create just about any material handling solution both large and small. We work with a variety of manufacturers that produce cars, tires, chemicals, paper, food products, ingots, coils, appliances, just to name a few. Our priority is to make systems as automated as possible which in turn allows your company to provide a higher level of products and services in a timely manner.